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New Telus atV+ volume issues

I recently upgraded all my boxes to the new Telus TV+ boxes and am having a really weird issue with the volume through my Yamaha 4K amp. The connections have not changed from the old boxes and I get sound it’s just really low to start with when I turn on everything.

The really weird part is that I’ve figured out how to get it to output correctly by going to the home page, scrolling to recordings and then returning to the guide. Sometimes it will increase the volume just scrolling through the guide and picking a different show.

With the old box I used to have the volume db at around 35 now I have to start at 22db for the same level until it clicks in louder after fiddling around.

Any ideas or is this a known problem.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hmm, that's definitely odd for sure. @Optik-Kate is this a known issue?

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @Digitalone I haven't heard this one before, but I know there may be variation in volume between shows on different channels and even between content and advertisement.  I can pass this along to our development team, but we might need more information, such as your user info and a video. 

More than happy to video the glitch and get it to whoever just let me know. You can DM me.


Another thing I noticed is that the sound comes through as Dolby Digital+. New audio codec or feed from the old boxes. Also there is nowhere in the TV Box to change to a different output like Stereo or even Mono to test.

I know it’s not the amp as I have tested that by switching decoders, inputs and have run it through the tech diagnostics routine with no errors.

Same problem here. Any updates?

Actually I contacted tech support and the person I talked to indicated that three of my four boxes weren’t setup with the box volume up all the way so he did that on his end and bam everything is working perfectly. I can also hear the system noises when switching channels and the Dolby digital + sounds like it’s supposed to. I don’t know how that fixed the weird volume issue and I have video it prove it’s an issue but perhaps he did something else also behind the senes but now it’s fixed.