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Unstable Wi-Fi connection (never happened before)


I have Internet 75 package. The Wi-Fi connection seems not stable recently. Most of time it's OK, but sometimes pretty slow. Link speed from my laptop (supporting Wi-Fi 6) varies between 11 Mbps and 144 Mbps, and drops to ~1000 kbps at times. Download speed can sometimes reach 5 Mbps, while occasionally drops to 10 kbps, or even fails to download altogether. I'm having the same problem with my cell phone.


These are what I've done:


(1) I restarted both the T1200H modem and ONT, but it doesn't seem to have made much difference.


(2) I adjusted the angle of T1200H's antenna, but it doesn't seem to have made much difference, either.


(3) I also used the troubleshooting tools Telus provides, and diagnostic results showed the "Device speeds" were slower than usual. Fix failed.


In short, it can connect, but it's not stable. So anyone has idea what happened? And what should I do about it?



Hey @Miles2024 it sounds like your router might need replacing. I haven't seen a T1200H in some time so it might be due. Please contact our technical support team so they can perform some troubleshooting steps and go from there. They can be reached at 1-888-811-2323

Thanks for your reply. I reset the T1200H to original factory settings last night, and things seem to be back to normal. The Wi-Fi speed appears to be faster than before - at least for now. I will keep watching the situation.


BTW, Will Telus charge me if I request for a new model of the modem/router when the device is working properly?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Yes, but if yours is causing you to factory reset in order to get the speeds you should be getting, I'd think that's a completely different story.