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Unable to connect to home router

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Okay. Clearly I have a telus phone. My parents, and my house both use telus routers. When I try to connect to my own home router, it asks me to "sign in to wifi network" and gives me two options, if I'm a new customer or returning. If I click returning, the web page crashes. If I click new, the page turns French, and it starts trying to sell me a telus package. I've already tried unplugging the router and plugging it back in. I'm very frustrated. Please help.

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Problem only started this morning. I don't understand why I now need to sign in to a wifi network that has been working fine for the better part of 2 years

@BenPijnnab  Call in i think you need a new router.

Community Power User
Community Power User

You may want to reach out to technical support. That's not a message you should be seeing if you are connecting directly to the Telus router (T3200 or the Smart Wifi Hub). I've never come across a Telus wifi sign in page like what you've described. Which model of router do you have? How is it connected?


How are you trying to connect to your home router from your phone? Are you just going into settings on your phone and selecting the wireless network? Using an app? Typically if you've already entered the wifi password on your phone in wifi settings, it should just automatically connect again once you are back in range.


On the "sign in" page that appears, does it show a webpage address at the top? If yes, what is it?


Are you absolutely sure you're trying to connect to the right wireless network? If you go into the settings on your phone when at home, does the connected wireless network have the correct name?


Are there any other wireless devices in your home? If yes, do they have the same issue? If no, it's likely something with your phone. Try forgetting the saved wireless password/SSID from your phone and then reconnect and enter your wifi password.

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The only time I ever see one of those sign-in screens is when I'm connecting to a company's free wi-fi (e.g. McDonald's).  Are you sure you chose the correct SSID when trying to connect?