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POE Switch Kills Tv Boxes, how to fix?

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Hi There,


Bit out of my realm here.


We have a new house that has hard line ethernet in many rooms. It was not necessary at first but now there is a need to use the various ethernet wall ports. We have a Telus 3200M and a Telus Mesh System. The 3200M has only 4 LAN ports so a POE switch was necessary, Dlink 16 port (DGS-1016c) 


We connected the new POE switch, port 1, to the WAN port of the 3200M, and connected the Telus mesh system to port 16. When trying to connect any Optik TV box to any of the ports on the POE switch through the wall connections the signal is lost, but when disconnecting from the hardline, the Optik TV box connects to wifi and the service is working once again.


Since the Optik TV is picking up the wifi signal through the mesh system which is connected to the POE switch, the internet is working. We have some areas of the house where the mesh system does not reach, but their is a ethernet port nearby that could be used. Is there something that needs to be changed in the 3200M settings to be able to allow all 15 ports have ethernet connection( or not block Optik TV) and not just the mesh system?


Any help is greatly appreciated,


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The POE switch should be connected to a LAN port on the T3200, not the WAN port.