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Telus My-Wifi showing the wrong information


I have had 5 Telus Wi-Fi Boost devices in my home for about 2 years. 

While the WiFi does work well, recently I see in the My-Wifi app that the limit of 5 boost devices has been reached (previously there was no set limit)

But it now does not recognize the devices (it shows a count of zero devices) and also does not permit me to add any devices.


I have already done a fair amount of work to set up the environment.  Where possible, I have directly connected the boost devices to the physical network cables in my house.  I also removed the WiFi router as per the Telus documentation.


Can anyone from Telus comment on any changes that may have taken place in the last few months with respect to how the Boost devices work in this area?    My only solution right now is to remove all of the devices and re-install the Boost Devices.



Community Power User
Community Power User

What do you mean by: “I also removed the WiFi router as per the Telus documentation,” you still need the router to manage the Boost devices.


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