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Telus 75

Any one have a link to internet 75 pricing?
My current plan is internet 25 but its horse and buggy with 4 people under the same roof. About 2 months ago I checked and it said to upgrade it would only be an extra 5$
A month. I've checked everywhere but I can't find the page.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Are you on fibre or DSL? Have you contacted Telus directly? Sometimes plans are no longer offered online but may be still available if you spoke to a person in Sales. I know for me on fibre, the lowest plan available in my area is 250mbps.

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Community Power User
Community Power User

I believe the options now are internet 50 (50 down/10 up $50/mo) or internet 150 (150 down/30 up $65 mo). This may not be available at your location. Best to check through the Telus website.


Just a long time customer hoping to help.


Log on to your My TELUS account and then go here to see the plans available:


If you don't see the 75 plan it may mean that your area now has fibre and you can only renew on those plans.