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Spec for fibre cabling? Would like to relocate ONT




I had Telus fibre installed in my house in Nov2019.

Overall I am very happy with the install and service.


However, the ONT is currently in my garage and I would like to relocate it to my mechanical room where the rest of my network equipment is located.


I would need a fibre patch cable approx 10m long.

Does anyone know the spec for the cable?

I would prefer to be able to buy a cable that is already terminated at both ends.




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Have a look at this post.

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Don't do it. The fibre protocol is based on timing and changing the length will cause the transmission to fail. Get  a Telus tech to do it. They have the tools to get the length correct.

Fair warning that there will be a cost if Telus does it. When I bought my place, all the equipment was on the floor of my living room. I had it moved to my garage to keep it out of sight. The 4 hour job (including waiting for a second tech to come) cost me just over $400. That hurt, but my equipment is much cleaner now!


Other point, if you need to move the cable, you'll have to get into the outdoor telecommunications box to replace the fibre cable. That is not usually a conventional screw.

@LoggedinBC @giantbrownguy  Yes entering a telecommunications box  same as backhoe company not getting ug locations (free)  and find main cable runs.  Hoe at Richies auction in about 90 days. Getting Telus to do your work the best-- some things you may be able to do your self Conduit etc.