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SmartHub appears to block P2P/Complaints on Smarthub


I currently have the Telus Smarthub, which was the best option available in my area. I went from Alberta Communications to the SmartHub and while the speeds improved, my capabilities actually decreased. Ports are significantly more restricted, my NAT is always stuck at Type 3, my ping has gotten significantly more variable then when I first got it and now I find that as soon as I try to use a torrent, it won't do anything and just stays at stalled.


Has anyone else with the SmartHub encountered this as well, mainly blocking of certain protocols such as P2P? Doesn't matter what port I use for the Torrent client, it will not connect at all. This was for an official Ubuntu distro I was trying to download as well, I figured I'd give this method a try. 


In addition, is there any way of allowing P2P use through the Telus Smarthub?




Community Power User
Community Power User

There are a number of threads in the Neighbourhood discussing various issues and solutions for the Smart Hub. The search function will find most all of them.


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