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A kafkian story: Internet broken for 3 days and the difficulty to reach someone @ Telus


Telus had called few days before saying that on Friday 17th they  could interrupt internet but just for five minutes at the most because of a job in the area.


On Friday we lost internet and  I tried to contact Telus: 

the waiting time suggested was more than one hour and my battery phone died after 1 hour and half ending  the call .


Saturday I called  and had to wait 1 hour and 20 minutes before talking to someone in the Philippines. She was very nice and we worked resetting everything for another hour, even if I kept telling the problem started after Telus did something in my area.  

The person from Manila told me she would arrange for a tech to come to my house on Sunday morning.


Sunday morning I received a call from someone who asked me if I was a tech from Telus and that she didn't need a repair . I asked her 

how she had my phone # and I was waiting for a technician to come to my house and begged her not to cancel the repair but to tell Telus they got it wrong. She had a TOTAL different name , telephone # and  email. How could it happen?!?

Anyway after 30 minutes the tech called me and told he was coming in 10 minutes. After 10 minutes he called back and asked why I wasn't opening the door . I went to open the door and , of course, he wasn't there because he went to a different address! Probably at the other customer who didn't need any repair. I tried to explain what happened and he had to check the facts with Telus headquarters . No-one was coming and after a while I called him back and asking what was going on.

Eventually he came: he tried everything, very nice guy , even changing the modem (new T3200, just changed by Telus a month earlier and working just fine)

Again I told him about the mysterious  work done on Friday by Telus. Nothing, he worked very hard for almost 2 hours, trying everything I already tried with the other person , talking on the phone and waiting to know what was going on. At the end he told me there was a glitch in the software on Telus side and this was why I didn't have internet. Nothing wrong here. 

Three different people from Telus promised to call me back but nobody ever called. 

Is this how Telus cares about its customers of 20 years?

Upsetting, overwhelming , time to move out