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New Telus Smart Hub


Have been using Linksys router connected to rural Telus ZTE 275 for several years (4G).  Requested more data from Telus and was offered a 5G solution.  Received an outdoor unit and a Telus Wifi Hub. (looks like a beehive)


My issue is this:  The new Telus SmartHub somehow changes the IP on the Linksys Router, providing a new to the Linksy.  My devices, servers, cameras, printers are all disappeared, and are on the network.  


How do I set up the Telus SmartHub to simply pass thru Internet to my router?  I have managed to login to the, but I am not familiar with next step.  Is it Bridge mode on the Telus Router?  


thanks for any advice



Took the step to enable bridge mode, not full bridge, just Lan1.  

Manually adjusted the router to and reboot.  


result is, I can see my network, servers etc, but no internet.  Not from Linksys nor the Telus Hub.  



Bridge Mode: see the home devices, no internet

No bridge mode:  good internet, no access to in home devices.  



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You bypass the internet from your telus smart hub or modem  by using a setting or feature called bridge mode .


Thanks for reply, but is there a solution to seeing my in home setup as well as the internet?  As I said, the previous ZTE 275 has worked flawlessly for years.  


the help feature on bridge mode specifically states use Lan1, not Full Mode, to ensure continued access to Internet


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Which modem are using the T3200M or the Network access hun hub fibre optic modem?

The network access hun or hub, fibre optic modem that connects the boost wifi 6  connecting to the ZTE 275 supports the home devices.


this one here.  There is no branding or Model Number on it other than Telus.  It is paired with an outdoor unit doing 5G off a Tower.  The outdoor unit connects via powered ethernet to the WAN on the indoor beehive.