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Signed up for PureFiber and it has been AWFUL

Just Moved In

We recently moved to a neighborhood that had Telus Fiber in it, we were excited to increase our speeds as we both work from home and do a LOT of international online meetings. Having fiber would stabilize our connections and our meetings would go smoothly. To say the least........ it has been TERRIBLE.


We purchased a 3G plan and our speeds are <200Mbps at almost all times of the day. I have spent almost 10 hours on calls/tech support / chats and even had a technician in my house for 3 hours. The last technical call I had "recommended that the hardware get replaced". The technician came the next day and said "You have my number, text me anytime. I will call you back to schedule another appointment" he will not answer his phone, nor answer my texts (which he recommended) four technical calls, 6 technical chats, 1 technician, 1 installer (who will not reply to texts either) and one sales rep, which will not reply to calls either. This has been an ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE to deal with. The calls for our meetings freeze is affecting our income (possibly our jobs) and Ican get NOBODY from Telus to call me back !!!!  



Well, at least you have fiber.  It's been 4 years now since they ran fiber on the poles in my neighbourhood and I still can't get it (I wish I could have around 200M up and down!).  I work from home as well, and need a stable and fast connection.  5G is a step up from the DSL I used to have - but it's no where near fiber in terms of speed.   29M download and 8M upload today.  We use Jitsi Meet for work - not bad, also Zoom for some meetings.  Next time it freezes, run a Speedtest (download the app) - could be more of an issue with where you are connecting and the app you use to connect with.  Example, in Jitsi, after you connect to a meeting, there's a "Performance" that you can drop down 1 notch - helps me a lot to have stable video.


I am fortunate enough that Telus ran fiber to all properties in our community a couple of years ago. Yeah, it's a game changer which is why I moved from my previous network provider who only has a fiber backbone. However, the voice connectivity was very poor and I just switched my cell to a different provider because of this. But the network is stable, fast and really doesn't change: speedtest.jpg

I did have issues with the upload speed on install which was only 59 Mbps(! I have the 1Gb plan) I identified this using the Speedtest "Ookla" which you can run on both platforms for testing. A subsequent visit from the Tech rectified this fairly quickly as a problem with the 'back-end' and was surprised cause "nobody checks the upload speed", lol.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. This is definitely not the experience we want our customers to have. Reach out to us over at our Twitter / X or Facebook pages if you'd like, and we can verify your account and gather your info for a callback from our escalation team.


Same thing, they had Acquisition Group sales people come to our building to promote "deals".

Their folks quote different prices during the day as I was coming home from work and then came down later again. Had the same guy try to tell me a higher price point and sell me into a package I had no need for. Since being with them for 3 days, there's been 1 outage and about half the promised speed. Luckily we're in trial and will be cancelling shortly.