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I’m debating switching fromShaw -now Rogers- but in all the forums etc - it seems there are numerous problems with this. I’m not a computer guy and it appears Telus is not exactly on site to help. In particular I’m concerned about installation- Any comments would be greatly appreciated.




@Rodstelus TV compare  the basic packages one channel you like is in one not the other (in another package of 10 for 20$ more). Determine the speed you want. I'm fibre 25/25 works fine for us 2 people movies email news google thats all we need no gaming. The fibre will come in house usually by power panel  UH or UG. They install the ont to that they connect router modem thats your wifi. Your tv receiver and computors will work on wifi better on cate cable. You may want to have modem in a central place in house (means running cate cable to location) They have promos study closely don't rush get what want. My ont and router modem are in a closet had to put 120 outlet in there for the ont and modem was also able to run cate5 cable to an office room to hard wire desktop. The wifi covers the house with good signal. Note home phone if you want will be on fiber and will not work during power outage unless you have batt backup installed. Have cell don't bother. You may need someone to install the cate wiring if you can't

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Community Power User

As with most company forums, you will generally find people here posting because they have issues. People who don't have issues and/or great service rarely feel the need to post. As a long time Telus customer I've been generally happy with the services they offer. My experience has been that the mostly likely time you will have an issue is when you make changes to your service.


I think the best thing to do is ensure everything is working to your satisfactation while the installer is on site. This would mean testing your Internet speeds (wired and wireless) as well as the functioning of any other services you may be getting. If everything checks out it's unlikely you will have technical issues.


There have been some reports of billing being different then quoted so you may wish to ensure you get all the details of your service and what it will cost. 


I hope that helps.

Just a long time customer hoping to help.

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Like any other company Telus will send a technician over to install your setup. There shouldn't be any issues with it.