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Scammy door to door salesman

Just Moved In
Two months ago I switched both my home and mobile service to Telus as the door to door salesman quoted me $115/month for 3 phone lines and $73/month for home service including TV and security camera, claiming they were "free" which seemed too good to be true. And turns out, it is. When the bills came, the price become almost $180/month for three phone line and $120/month for home service with telus charging $35/month on optik tv and $33/month on a security camera and two smart plug. Are there anything I can do about this? I would love to be able to cancel this outrages plan without cancellation charge but knowing Telus I know it's unlikely. At the very least I want to file a complaint on that sales rep for misrepresenting prices.

lol I can’t even get such a low price in Montreal. The mobility price is very similar to 4G plans from smaller phone companies offered to old customers. And Telus standalone live TV plan is the skinniest in Canada, even when comparing to satellite plans. Merely 15 HD channels and pay extra for nearby USA channels but the price is more clever than it was in 2016.