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Repeated calls from Telus


I am getting calls every day from Telus [888-811-2323]  When I answer I hear 3 beeps and then the line goes dead. It has been going on for weeks and I’m really tired of it. I’ve tried calling Telus, but just get handed over to a bot that doesn’t seem be programmed to respond to this problem.  I could block the number, but then I wouldn’t get a real call from Telus that could be important. The other option I’ve had when calling Telus about this is to wait and wait on the phone. I resent having to waste my time to stop these calls.  A lot of time is wasted just getting beyond the text that is sent to give me help from a bot. 

Any suggestions, or anyone know why I would get 3 beeps and a disconnect after I say “hello”?


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Community Power User
Community Power User

Could be a scammer pretending to be from Telus. They fake the caller ID to show that number. On rare occasions Telus may call from that number but it's rare.


If you are using phone service from Telus, you can block that number from calling using the free Call Control service. The number is white-listed by default so blocking it is done slightly differently. Adding it to the Blocked List won't block it. You'll need to:


1) Log in to your account either through the My Telus app or through the website.

2) If Call Control is active, you'll need to find the Call Log.

  1. If on the My Telus app, tap on Plans & Devices at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Tap on the Device tab at the top of the screen.
  3. Tap on Manage Call Control half way down the Device screen.
  4. Select the most recent instance of 888-811-2323 and tap on it.
  5. After tapping it should reveal details about the caller but you'll want to scroll down and tap on the big green Block button.

That should prevent that number from calling you again.

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Thank you for that fast response. I have call control and will look in there later when I can use my computer. I had white-listed some numbers there in the past when I discovered “call backs” weren’t working from some companies. That was really frustrating when BCAA was blocked during car trouble!  It seems the call backs aren’t dialled by a human and so can’t get past the message that asks them to enter some additional one-digit number to reach me. I look forward to getting in there and seeing if the calls have actually been spoofed. On the other hand, why the three beeps and a disconnect. I would think the intent of the call would be to get me to give up some valuable information. 

Community Power User
Community Power User

The three beeps and a disconnect are likely the result of no one being able to talk to you on the caller's end.


You're right about Call Control blocking automated calls that are important. I had to white list a bunch of numbers to get around that. Still no telemarketers or scammers get through so it's a fair trade-off to me. 🙂

If you find a post useful, please give the author a "Like" or mark as an accepted solution if it solves your trouble. 🙂

I checked the number in call control and there was nothing to indicate it was a spoofed call from a different number. I had white-listed the number at some time in the past, likely to receive a call-back from Telus. I have now blocked it, so shouldn’t get any call tomorrow. Thanks for your advice. 

I’ve been getting them everyday as well. I answered it once and it was Telus trying to sell me home security. It’s my cell phone so I blocked it yesterday, see if that stops it.

I believed I blocked the number, but I just got another call today. I didn’t have time to answer to see if I would get the 3 beeps and a disconnect  😞

I haven’t got anymore since I blocked the number. Are they calling you’re landline or cell?

Cell. I just checked in Call Control records and it said “Globally Accepted Caller”. It was the same number, so it makes me think Telus can override the “block”.