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Pure Fiber Install

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Just wondering if a Telus technician needs access to the inside of my house to complete the fibre optic installation. Only Telus service we have is phone (landline and mobile) and we have a communication box set up on the exterior of our house. We have postponed the installation during the pandemic and now we have been totally cut from landline service without warning. We have an immunocompromised elderly parent living with us and want to minimize all risks during the omicron crisis. I was hoping someone could tell me if the set up was simple and not intrusive. I understand that each scenario is different but I was hoping for a basic guideline to prepare for the technician's visit. I believe it is just a matter of running the cable aerially to the box but I want to be sure. Any information is appreciated. Thanks.



@kyc  Wrote: Just wondering if a Telus technician needs access to the inside of my house to complete the fibre optic installation. 



I think you'll find the simple answer to your question is yes, Telus will require access to your residence.


The caveats are, If you have had prior fibre optic service into the residence, then Telus should be able to send  the necessary equipment, and guide you though a remote install. 


The more likely installation scenario is the following, if the residence has never had fibre optic installed prior:


"Professional installation"

Once the technician has asked you some COVID-screening questions to ensure safety, they may enter your home and complete the installation. If it’s not deemed safe to enter, they’ll complete a Virtual Install or offer to reschedule your appointment.


The installation includes running the fibre cable from their demarcation point to a location inside your house, attaching all the various hardware required, and then testing to make sure the installation meets the requirements.



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I have the exact same issue. I've been told I either need to let a Telus technician come in to my house for 4 hours (That's how long I've been told they will be in my house because of the services I have) or have no services after a certain date. 

Honestly, I'm hoping TELUS Technicians takes this seriously because someone else I know let a worker (not Telus) into their house the other day to fix something and now they caught covid from the worker who tested positive the next day.


Is there anyway, TELUS can just delay the installation of this until after the omicron outbreak is settles down a bit? I'm not gonna leave a TELUS technician out in the cold in the middle of winter or lose home services but we also have a house full of immunocompromised  elderly.

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The Fibre ONT unit needs to be installed in a location where it can be plugged into an electrical circuit, and be connected to the telephone wiring in your home. It also needs to be protected from weather events. This means it cannot be installed outside your home, and needs to be near the telephone wiring.


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