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In game ping

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Hi there, just have been having a issue with this for a while now and I have done a bunch to try and fix this problem. I'm a PC gamer and I currently get an in game ping of around 90-100 in my games I play. The odd game might be down to about 80's but that's still junk when playing against ppl in the 20-30 range.

I am using an ethernet connection with the T3200M modem. Just upgraded to 1 gig hoping this would fix it but it did nothing.
I've ran speed tests and I am blistering fast and it says my ping on the test is 9ms.
In game is a much diffrent story.
Im curious if there happends to be some settings on the modem that is restricting my in game connection?
Would changing to a gaming router help my situation?

Community Power User
Community Power User

The speed of your connection will not affect the latency. It will be the distance between you and the game server. The further the server is, the higher the ping. Servers in California and Texas tend to have the worst pings for North American servers. Those closer to Canada, either Chicago or Seattle can have much lower ones but server location is all dependent on where the game developer decided to keep them.


A gaming router would not improve the pings unfortunately. At most maybe a couple milliseconds but not enough to make a difference. 


I too am on gigabit fibre and I see pings between 70ms and 100ms depending on the game I play. Some servers are closer than others. The odd time I'll come across a server hosted in Chicago and get a 40-50ms ping but only one game had that recently, and it's not a very popular one these days. It did have a few in the 25-40ms range but they weren't game modes I preferred. It was an older game that let users host their own servers pretty much anywhere rather than forcing people to use only the game studio's own servers.

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Your speed test ping of 9 ms indicates there is nothing wrong with your Internet connection. The speed test usually uses a server that is close to you. As @Nighthawk said, game servers can be anywhere and what you are seeing is the impact of that. Internet traffic is never a straight line between two points. It's dependent on where the large trunks and hubs are so it may take a route much longer than the straight line distance.