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New Google Sign-in and Telus Email


Google updated their sign-in pages a couple days ago. Now my Chromebook is constantly trying to sign-in to Drive and Docs on my Telus Google account. Telus email uses the Gmail  platform but they have all other Goolge services turned off (Maps, Drive, Docs etc.)

This was not an issue prior to the update. Does anyone know how I stop Google from tryiing to sign me into these blocked apps? I have 2 Google accounts and am not having any issues signing into my non-Telus Google services. 

I could remove my Telus Google account from my device, but I am not sure if that will also stop me from receiving my Telus emails on my Gmail App.




I tried removing my Telus gmail account and, as suspected, it removed it from the Gmail app as well. I turned account notifications off for my Telus Google account, so it can keep trying to sign-in all it wants. Out of sight out of mind I guess.

If you were receiving sign-in requests from Google Play Services, turning off all notifications from your (Telus) Google account is probably overkill. I was able to stop the sign-in notifications on my Android 14 phone by:
- Settings
- Notifications
- App Notifications
- Google Play Services (toggle off)

That stops it but now I won't receive notifications from Google play and I don't think that's a good idea. For now, it will do. Thx.

I started getting the notifications a few days I ago. I didn't turn off all Google Play Services notifications, just the Account action required category.

I agree with WayneT.
Telus/Google needs to fix the underlying problem - whatever it is. In the meantime, I'll live without the Notifications.
Suggest the Accepted Solution status be removed until this is fixed.

You are right. Bad wording on my part. I had turned off account action notification specifically for my Telus Google account on my Chromebook only. 

I also had this issue starting Feb 23rd and it was driving me crazy! I ended up removing my Telus Google account from my phone. I can still check my emails because I use Outlook rather than Gmail and added my Telus account as IMAP. But who knows what else I lost access to.

I am having the same problem as well which started a week ago.   Need a proper solution that either prevents the account from logging in or allow the email to complete the login and stop the error notifications.   Disabling play service notifications is a temp hack and not a solution

Me too. It's driving me nuts. Telus needs to fix this. The general Telus # gave me a number to call but it doesn't work because my phone isn't Telus, my Internet is.

Just Moved In

I am having the same issue.  Disabling Google Play notifications is not a solution.  Please fix this.


I too noticed this issue on February 22, 2024.  I have a Gmail account as well and my Telus account started to notify me with Google Play services "Sign-In Requests".  I spoke to Telus Mobility support and explained this issue.  They put me on hold for 7 minutes and came back to tell me the information that I already provided to them at the beginning.  Obviously we don't get the support that our plans pay for.

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hey Everyone. We have opened a ticket with Google and will provide updates as they are made to TELUS from Google. 


If possible, can you share the following details with me, via a direct message, so we can provide the details to Google for troubleshooting? 


- Android Build Number = 
See Home > Settings > About [Phone/Tablet] > Build Number
- App build number = 
See Home > Settings > Apps or Applications [> Manage Applications] > Docs > on top or bottom of the screen is the version number
- Device/Hardware = 
See Home > Settings > About [Phone/Tablet] > Model number
- Network Service = 
Please indicate whether 5G/4G/3G/Wifi/Offline (e.g. airplane mode) when you experience the issue. 


Thank you everyone for flagging this issue. 

How do we DM you? I couldn't find a link...

NM, didn't see the gigantic message button. D'oh.

Thanks for taking this on -

Android build # = UQ1A.240205.002

App build number: I was getting sign-in requests from Google Play Services generated from Google Maps, Google Drive, Google Docs. Sometimes upon phone power on, always when opening Maps. I never use Docs or Drive. Google Play Services version = 24.07.13

Device = pixel 6a

Network service = wi-fi. Not sure about mobile data.

I have one account which is my default, and two accounts on the phone. All sign-in requests were for one of the two accounts, never the account. Removing the accounts from the phone stopped the sign-in requests.

If you will permit one dumb question - Can you set up a account on an Android phone to replicate the problem?

Thanks again.

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Thanks for the details. We are able to reproduce it on our devices here, and using these other examples to raise the issue with Google. 

My pixel 7a started first, now my Samsung tablet has started doing it as well.

Can you please update us on the progress. It has been going on for a month now. I have a pixel 7

Friendly Neighbour

- Android Build Number = UP1A.231005.007.T220XXU6DWLB
- App build number =
- Device/Hardware = SM-T220 [I am only experiencing the issue on my tablet, not other devices.
- Network Service = Wifi

- Android Build Number = UQ1A.240205.002
- App build number =
- Device/Hardware = Pixel 7
- Network Service =  5G and Wi fi