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Never getting my bills?

Just Moved In
I keep requesting paper bills and yous keep switching to digital on your own. Then you threaten to cancel services in 24-48 hours because your haven’t got paid. Well no **bleep** you haven’t got paid you stopped sending me bills! Why does this keep happening? And is the only way to fix it going to be by going back to Shaw and cancelling Telus? They seem to have better prices right now and I know for a fact they can send me paper bills and won’t just stop when they feel like it.


@spikex41  Your best bet is to phone in and ask for billing or a LIVE AGENT  who can get you to billing. Get their names and ask for a conformation email. Make sure you get to billing or this will not work. Don't know if billing works on weekends.


You obviously have Internet access and are able to log on to the Telus web site. Just view your bill online before the due date until it gets sorted out.