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inconsistent ping

I play an online video game in which having low ping is very important. The game is played on servers in Kansas, where I can get 52 ping on a good day. My issue is during the last few months my ping keeps going up, sometimes as much as 30 ms higher. I play at a pro level and such an increase in ping has a drastic effect on my performance. I have fibre optic and I use ethernet for my computer. A year ago this wasn't happening, and the issue has followed me since I've moved from Saanich to Victoria proper. I have tried using nordvpn to change my routing, sometimes it decreases my ping and sometimes it does nothing.


@ballpoint Wrote: I play an online video game in which having low ping is very important. 


This is not an uncommon problem. One tip that may help is changing you DNS to a server that may have a little faster routing to the game server your trying to reach. For example, if your currently utilizing the Telus DNS servers, perhaps change to Google's public DNS servers, or even something CloudFlare's servers... Cheers


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