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Moving fibre hub from basement to main floor.

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Hello all,

I’ve recently switched my Telus internet from copper to fibre and now have issues connecting devices on the top floor to wifi.

With the copper line the Telus technician had placed the modem on the main floor and was connected through the phone jack. Although the wifi was slowish and online gaming would lag intermittently, the signal strength was excellent through the whole house with no connection issues.

With the new fibre internet the Telus technician placed the new modem (Arcadyan Wi-Fi hub) right at the panel box in the basement corner. The internet speeds are great but wifi signal on the top floor is now practically nonexistent.

I would like to move the modem from the basement corner to the main floor in order to achieve better signal coverage through the whole house as well as to hardwire the ps4 and computer directly. Would I just run additional fibre cable from the current line via a female to female adapter up to the main floor where I want the hub to go? If so, what cable and adapter would I need?

Any input or other suggestions is appreciated!


You may want to consider forcing your upstairs devices to use 2.4 GHz instead of 5 GHz. 2.4 has a longer range.


What modem was replaced by the Arcadyan? If it was a T3200 would swap that right back in, even more so if you have COAX wiring to your upstairs floor and can put a second one up there using MOCA and have a second wired hookup up there, let alone the wireless signal.  If not, no worries you can get them on Kijiji, as well as the fibre SFP's (better) for building a enterprise class system, removing the consumer grade wall wart ONT and router completely.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Do you have just the Arcadyan router, or is there an ONT as well?

If you have an ONT, you can run Ethernet between it and the new location of the router. Otherwise you can extend Wi-Fi with a Telus Boost addition, or use an extension fibre cable. I’ll see what I can learn about fibre extension.


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If you have fiber connection now, then it means you have an optical modem. I would suggest, running a cat6 cable from the basement or from the optical cable going to the main floor and connect it to a router/wifi. If it is not possible to run a cat6 cable to the main floor, buy a good gigabit powerline network extender.