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T3200M - what is the current firmware available?

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I have not had the firmware updated in my device for quite a while (Dec 2018), and I fear that telus doesn't update the firmware unless there is a problem filed or request from me to do so.


What is the most recent revision of firmware for this device and what is the reccomended way to keep current?




Community Power User
Community Power User

My firmware version is 31.164L.18. The T3200M will automatically update the firmware when updates are available. The lag between updates may just mean there haven't been any problems that needed to be corrected. Mine has been working fine for me and the multitude of devices I have connected to it - both wired and wireless. (25+ devices)

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I checked my T3200M just now (I’m August, 2020) and it’s running 31.164L.22 which seems new.

Also, I have 3 boosts which are running version 1.32.28 build 30.

I believe both of these firmware versions are the latest.

Looks like .22 is a newer version - I'm still on .18.

Is there a way to upgrade? I couldn't find it in the web interface.

I'm getting some occasional dropped wireless connections on a couple of devices, so I'd like to see if the new firmware solves the issue.

You could try and power cycle the modem. But generally it’s rolled out in batches.

Wouldn't be so quick to ask for an update, they often remove / pages from in the admin UI to any user ID but the telus technician ID.

IE of this is earlier versions of firmware actually had a check/update firmware tab under the advanced section.

Also disabling of the routers DHCP server has been hidden  from the user somewhere along the last few releases.


Sign into your .18 firmware and if you can disable DHCP on the router still don't ever let it update again!