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Long Distance Charge for a Call Received (and Blocked) by My Landline


I had an Amazon package coming in on Aug 7/23 here in Edmonton, AB. The delivery guy phoned ahead at 2:49 PM to see if I was at home when he was close by. Because the call was from an "unknown CID" (no number, just "Amazon Delivery" on the display), my landline (unfortunately) blocked the call. The delivery was then aborted for that day, as confirmed by the related Amazon tracking timeline.


Today I got my monthly Telus bill and noticed a very small charge for one minute of long distance from the date and approximate time of the delivery driver's call. The long distance number on the bill was "437 887-2659 TORONTO ON".


I'm wondering why I incurred this charge. 


Edit: My bad. I remember now that I in fact quickly called the blocked incoming call back trying to get hold of the delivery guy to return. I just got an Amazon recorded message and hung up but this must have incurred the charge.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey, yeah that would be the source of the charge. It can be tricky when delivery drivers or doctor's offices, etc. call from blocked numbers!


The call history on your statement should indicate that it was an outgoing call not an incoming call.