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Internet 75 speeds?

Just Moved In

What are you guys getting for download/upload speeds? I had Internet 50 through telus for a few years and used to have great transmission speeds of approx 50Mbps...This changed at the beginning of the Covid Pandemic, in Oct 2019. Starting then, I would have Pik TV issues, with pausing /buffering, and speed test results at around 17Mbps. Consistently at 30Mbps..This is crap..Called Telus a couple of times and they run a test, and at the time I got 40Mbps speeds and they said for internet 50 that within the range...Well last week upgraded to Internet 75 and I get transfer rates of 45Mbps...

This is total garbage...Curious as to what speed you guys are getting? Im in Ogden...

Netflix , Prime, Disney Plus are all pausing...Even Pik TV...



I have pure fibre internet 75 and typically get 80 plus up and down

Community Power User
Community Power User

45 Mbps is far more than enough for these streaming services. Most should use less than 10 Mbps, and possibly as low as 5 Mbps. Are there other devices simultaneously consuming bandwidth on your network?


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I'm on Internet 75 copper. I'm still getting the 80+ speeds I posted about in this thread:


Are you doing your test at the router or on a device?

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Wired or wireless? Wireless is more likely to fluctuate depending on your environment,


I have Internet 75 (75/15) on copper and I pretty consistently get 77/20 over a wired connection.

Just a long time customer hoping to help.


I have Internet 25 with no issues. I have Optik TV, also multiple devices and streaming on multiple devices with no issues.  Have never seen a point to "upgrade".


Paying for 50 meg, just got 60 up, 11.5 down through WIFI to my laptop.  Copper DSL.


I recently got migrated to PureFiber Internet 75, and getting on average 100Mbps down (I know... lol) and 63Mpbs up.  But before that I was on an expired Internet 25 plan (I know I know... lol) and had no issues with streaming even 4K content... (had about 20+mbps down and 15Mpbs up avg)


If you're getting 45Mbps down you shouldn't be having buffering issues... I'd say check to see if anything else is using your data (other fam members, guests, devices, servers, etc) and also try testing via hardwired connection to eliminate WiFi signal interference from the equation... 

Just Moved In

I'm on Internet 75 and We have been reaching only 5-20 mbps for almost a year now, both wired and wireless. The router has not been moved or modified by any means and it is near free of interference in the least. Is this plan supposed to be like this? or is this a sign to move to a different company?