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IPV6 Support

Helpful Neighbour

Hi There,


Trying to get a clear answer on this as calling tech support did not get me anywhere.


Does Telus support IPv6 connectivity? My router (t3200) is set up as per the instructions others have used in this forum but I am constantly stuck in a "connecting" state but never connect on the WAN port.


Is IPv6 rolled out across the network or is this something still in progress? 



@Fuzzz Wrote: Does Telus support IPv6 connectivity?


I have had IPv6 enabled for a bit now. However, I must say that it is being done on a 3rd party router other than a T3200M.


However, I'll attach the setting that I have recorded for a T3200M that I use to use to see if that may help you. Cheers


Let's start by checking your settings. Go to Advanced Setup -> IPv6 WAN Settings, and verify the following settings:

IPv6: enable

WAN IPv6 IP Protocol: DHCPv6

Request PD Only: Yes

IPv6 DNS Type: Default Servers

Also check your IPv6 LAN Settings:

LAN Connection Type: stateless

ULA Support: disable

Subnet Number: 0

Delegated to LAN: No


Make sure you reboot the router, as most of the setting will not work without it.


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Helpful Neighbour

Thanks for this, those are the same settings I have setup on my end. Seems like IPv6 might not be enabled for my neighbourhood.

I have ipv6 on a T3200M on fibre. My daughter has a T3200M on cooper and does not have ipv6.


Helpful Neighbour

Thanks for this. Appreciate the input.

I followed the instructions (sort of, as much as they apply) for Asus AX88U and IPv6 now works for me.  For AX88U - enable "connection type - native" and go with all the other settings; which should include the LAN connection type as "stateless"; just check.