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How secure is gmail?


Why the sudden increase in tagged spam since the migration to gmail suite?

22 spam in a month, previously 0 in years.


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Spam is different than security. I found Gmail's spam filters to be very good and I've barely gotten any spam. Just flag all spam messages in Gmail. Future ones should be filtered out. Telus's spam filters would have operated in a similar manner. The more messages flagged as spam, the more the filters adapted to block them.


Security wise, Gmail offers more ways to secure your mail account to prevent unauthorized access.

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@48ford @Nighthawk  I had 20 + spam today all the years with telus 0. How to stop it . How to flag it .

Are you getting spam to your Inbox, or to your Spam folder? My way of thinking is that spam to the Spam folder is good, but spam to the Inbox is bad.

@RonAKA  Only spam folder. Never had spam with telus webmail


I never looked at Webmail except for the occasional time while on vacation. Perhaps Telus was just blocking spam, rather than directing it to a folder so you can see what the spam is???

@RonAKA  Annoying  but what can you do to much clutter in gmail. Will try to get rid of it

Me too.


Same here. Not a single spam mail when I was with Shaw in years.

@jackrabbit000  Annoyed about this gmail also. But  if you go settings in gmail and find  (LABELS) used to be folders you can show them or hide them. I hid everything i don't want. Spam mail is still there in case you want to check once in a while for a missed email. Spam deletes at 30 days. I narrowed the labels to basic only not so cluttered anymore. Remember if you delete the mail in ALL MAIL you delete all mail in the gmail account. That is why i hide that label. Polecat

Thanks polecat, I'll check it out.

I've noticed this well and migration is not booked until Sep 29 my only explanation Telus has disabled their spam filters as a result of the transition.

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I’m happy to learn I’m not the only one experiencing increased spam before migration. Hoping it will addressed soon.
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I too have had a huge increase in spam in the telus webmail and some making it through to my Outlook. Most are coming from something called "offerpartners" which spits out crap for all sorts of retailers like shoppers drug mart,walmart etc.


Started about a week or so ago (over 20 since yesterday alone). Before that I got very few spams in my Telus mail over the years.


My migration day isn't til Sept 29th, hopefully that will fix the issue.

Create a spam filter if always using "offerpartners" and send it straight to the trash. I've noticed more spam making it through since switched over as well.

@WestCoasterBC  I am not good at doing this. Do you have to do each spam seperately. I know i will not get right.

At least in theory if you click on an email in your inbox that you think is spam and drag it to the spam folder Google is supposed to look at it and if they agree they add it to their spam filter. The other way is to create rules to filter your email based on details you specify. You can have stuff go straight to trash if you wish.


Create Rules to Filter Your Gmail

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To extend @RonAKA ‘s comment, the option to block SPAM on the previous Telus server allowed it to be either marked but left in inbox, or marked and deleted. I expect most of chose the latter.


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