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How do you judge a telecommunication business that you can't communicate with?

Just Moved In

I got a flyer in the mail today from TELUS that got me interested.

But I had concerns about the 'small print'.

ie. "Prices" <snip> "are not guaranteed during the 24 month term and are subject to change anytime"

(who would sign a 2 yr. contract where the prices could increase and your locked in?)


So I tried to contact someone at TELUS for more info and clarity.

1-888-811-2323    over half an hour 'estimated' waiting time, no callback feature.

No email address listed.

(and I have no interest in struggling with a frustrating 'virtual assistant')


If it's this bad with sales, how hard is it to talk with service support after your a customer?

Oh... they have 'this' forum so their customers can provide the service support their not providing?


So really...

What am I to think of a telecommunication business that you can't communicate with?



Community Power User
Community Power User

This seems to be the norm for contacting many businesses. It sometimes feels like they don't actually want to hear from customers.


Having said that I've actually had pretty good success with the virtual assistant. After a few questions it invariably puts me through to a chat with a person and I'm able to get my question/issue resolved. Generally quicker than using the phone.


This post may address your particular concern regarding a 2 year contract:


Solved: Rate changes while on 2 years contract - TELUS Neighbourhood


I know what I think of them. After numerous problems with Telus over the last year, I told them flatly "No contract" when they started calling me near the end of my contract. They continued to call and I continued to ignore them until I finally decided to answer them.


I told the (probably overseas) telemarketer that under no circumstances would I enter another contract with Telus. I was then passed on to their customer retention department where I told a bored-sounding guy that I was investigating options and would not enter another contract with Telus. He then offered me a deal -- with a 2-year contract. I again said "No contracts" and he offered a very unfavourable "deal" with a 1-year contract. When I again said "No contract", he said that was the best he could do.


I've been a Telus customer for over 40 years and I know that these people have the authority to offer deals without contracts as I've had one previously, so this was the final straw with Telus. I expect to switch to Starlink sometime soon. More money, but much better service (I've heard).

Community Power User
Community Power User

"Deals" are almost always synonymous with Contract. You may have better luck with a 3rd party reseller.


Starlink has a pretty hefty upfront cost but it appears they will offer a monthly rate. Hard to know when it will be available here:


SpaceX Starlink Satellite Internet Review |