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Good by Security.


"Your Norton Security and VPN services are expiring soon"


Telus is not raising prises, the just move the free virus protection into a payed service.


Pay or take your chances.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Take things into your own hands. It's not that hard:


Tools for a Safer PC — Krebs on Security


Just a long time customer hoping to help.


@Just_LH  When first on telus copper internet norton free part of package. Moved to fiber they started charging $3 then $5. So i used other free ones but they are not the best. Right now norton 360 is on for $40 for a year and has a vpn in it. I was used to norton so i went back to it again and it does 5 devices.

Typical of Telus; got an email today saying the free service ends on the 1st and now you have to pay for what used to be free.

@Fisherguy  You must be on copper on fiber we have had to pay for quite some time.

Yes no GPON out here in the rural areas.