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Getting Fibre connected to my house


Does anyone have any tips on to getting Fibre connected to your house. They ran the line in my neighborhood over the summer, but now I need them to run the line to my house.  I have 5 tickets with Telus customer service, and I've filled out the online form... but nothing seems to work. It's almost like they don't want my business 



@JeffU  Have you signed up for an internet package or bundle Whats a ticket

Nope I haven't signed up because they will only offer me Internet 75. I'm looking for Fibre 1000up & 1000down. 

@JeffU   You answered your own question.

so they wont install until I commit to a lower end internet package. And I won't commit until they give me the internet package that I need... So we're stuck. 

Community Power User
Community Power User

Have they actually offered fibre services in your neighbourhood? Usually there will be a mail out or sales team when the service is available. It can be many months between the neighbourhood install, and connection to the backbone.

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Yes they have connected my next door neighbor over a month ago (she's an existing Telus subscriber). I'm on Shaw but want to switch to Telus for the Fibre.  The sales team walked the street and only knocked on the door of existing customers.