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is telus speed test the same as google speed test?

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Hello Telus Forums.

Why do i get 1ms 940mbps download speed and 940mbps upload on telus speed but only get 50-150mbps download and 50-400mbps upload on google speed test like does the plan only work on an certain erea like why does it not work the same if i connect to other erea, im doing this because i upgrade my wifi for a purpose to play fun games but it seems it did not change, feels like its a scam or maybe im doing something wrong.


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Community Power User

The speeds you get will greatly depend on which servers you are testing to. Some servers either have slower connections, caps on user speeds, or they're just plain busy. Testing from a wired computer is the preferred way to test. Wifi can potentially be interfered with.


Google's speed test is a bit flawed. The file size for the tests is tiny compared to what transfers during a test. (942/946mbps) Even file sizes on are ~700MB for my speed test on a gigabit connection. (950/930mbps) The tiny files on Google transfer too fast so the connection doesn't reach it's full potential.

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The telus speed test by default connects to the closest telus server on the telus network before they have to deal with external internet routing. The goal of this page is mainly for installers and tech support to be able to point you at a page that shows your connection is fast and get you off the phone with your speed complaints. Bandwidth throttling and long routing delays don't affect your speeds as drastically to that site.  I have my suspicions that the traffic to the telus speed test sites is also prioritized, but it remains a suspicion.  


Next time you try the telus speed test use the pull down menu to manually select the furthest server away from you (they show the distance)  it will requires more hops routing there and you should see similar numbers to your real world performance.

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You are right, companies do prioritise traffic to speed tests sites, all the top known ones, to show people they are fast.

And because of the contracts we are forced to sign for any service, their speeds are always only "upto" and only "to" the main connection into the ISPs network. This lets them massively over subscribe their services and use contracts to go "meh, sorry, too bad so sad"

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Do you have any citations for your assertions?

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I do not have access to Telus's network to confirm configurations, but many years of dealing with ISP's from a personal level to a business level and locating problems on their side for them to fix, myself, and many other technical guru's have shown over the years that speed tests sites like have priority traffic with in ISP's networks, and it makes sense, as those speed test sites are hosted with in the ISP, so you are remaining with in their networks.

It is always good to choose several sites with in an area from different providers to get a more general idea about speeds, and then if possible, find some of the lesser known speed test sites to do file downloads from to see your speeds and compare.