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Email transfer from Telus to google mail


I have stumbled on a number of web articles about telus mail moving to gmail.  Link:

I have not received any notification of this.  Any idea what is happening.



Community Power User
Community Power User

They are migrating the email accounts over in batches. They will email you prior to your account moving.

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There is also this post which provides some help when you run into issues. However it seems to be for Outlook 365 and 2016.

All of your existing emails (before the switch to Google) should still be on the local hard drive in a .pst file (or files). What happens when you launch Outlook? When I first launched Outlook after the switch to Google mail, I kept getting a request for a password. My old telusplanet password did not work and neither did the new one I set up for Google Mail. When Telus switched the mail server over to Google's server, Outlook should have responded with something like "Unable to reach mail server", instead of asking for a password. I was eventually able to get Outlook to run in "Offline" mode. All of my existing mail messages are still accessible because they're stored locally in a .pst file.

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Just did the migration this morning. I use Outlook 365 so used the G Suite Sync app (GSSMO). What a mistake!!

It took 2 + hours to do some sort of synchronization - then when I opened Outlook IT DID IT AGAIN!!!!! Fully synced, I close Outlook and it spends almost 10 minutes syncing all over again. There's no new emails, no new contacts, no new calendar items. What is it syncing? Who in their right mind would use such a piece of crap? Gmail online interface is simply awful and besides, I want a desktop email solution - not something I have to use in a f@#$ing browser.


Worse, I use Outlook to manage several emails (thankfully unrelated to and those accounts WERE DELETED!!!



This is the most inconvenient migration I've every done. Very unhappy with Gmail and Telus. I'm going back to IMAP and looking for another email provider - despite the HUGE inconvenience of having to change an email address I have used for almost 20 years.



Friendly Neighbour

I wasn't specific - if you want to continue using Outlook, go to the instructions here:

I would not recommend POP.

IMAP is not the ideal solution but at least it works without the constant unnecessary syncing

@NancyM I would suggest that your basic problem is Outlook, and would suggest you consider switching to Thunderbird. I switched from Outlook to Thunderbird years ago as I was having constant issues with Outlook, and Microsoft constantly changing the program.


I find Thunderbird and Gmail work fine together using IMAP. Synchronization is essentially instant. You have access to your mail with a phone or other mobile device, while keeping your email mirrored on your hard drive with Thunderbird. You can make changes on a mobile device or home PC and it is updated on both. If you don't want Gmail to access all email you can drag it to a local folder and it will only be kept on the hard drive. Thunderbird can handle multiple accounts. 

Friendly Neighbour

Thanks for the suggestion. I used Thunderbird for a few years but since I have to support others who use Outlook, it's easier for me to know the ins and outs of it. I do agree that the "improvements" Microsoft keeps making have completely ruined the application.


But just to be clear, now that I've deleted every last piece of the G Suite Synchronization nightmare, and set my mailbox up using IMAP, Outlook is working just fine.

It's surprising that Outlook is still around. It's the relic of e-mail.

Just Moved In

Did telus send a reminder that my telus email account will be transitioning to be powered by Google and that I have to set up a transition date. Is this a scam?