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Email Weirdness

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We use a Telus smarthub for our internet and out of the blue our email (Apple) has stopped working normally. We have to use our data to send and receive email 99% of the time. Very occasionally we receive email but can’t seem to ever send it. We can send and receive email normally using other internet providers (we were away and used the hotel’s provider - Shaw - and everything worked fine). At home we get the error message “Cannot Send Mail The connection to the outgoing server failed. Additional Outgoing Mail Servers can be configured for Mail accounts in Settings>Mail>Accounts.”  If anyone can help please use small words and non techie language as I am an idiot with all things internet. Thanks!


Community Power User
Community Power User

Try changing the outgoing server address to just That's what Apple's website advises people use.

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It turns out our smart hub wasn’t so smart and needed to be updated!

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Community Power User

I suggest deleting and re-installing your iCloud mail account. There will be an option to keep all your current mail as you do this.


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