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How to get Telus Pure Fibre building tie in? Neighborhood already serviced.

Just Moved In

Hello! I recently moved my business within Edmonton to a building the currently doesn't have Telus Pure Fibre servicing. The area is serviced and using Telus' internet access availability look up addresses on the same block face, across the street, and around the neighborhood are eligible for fibre but my address isn't. My landlord has been in contact with Telus, has returned all of the necessary paperwork, and has been in contact with a serviceman with AFL, the installer for this area. Telus and AFL have either stopped responding to my landlord or, on the Telus Support side they are incorrectly reporting that the neighborhood isn't fibre-serviced. When speaking with the AFL serviceman we discovered that a fibre bundle of cable/balun was already hanging from a power/telephone pole two poles away. AFL explained that permission is required from Epcor to access this pole and to use the next two poles to service the building I am in. I was also told that once this permission has been granted installation can be done within a day. Any hints on how to help Telus/AFL get this Epcor pole usage permission? Thank you.


Community Power User
Community Power User

No hints you just have to wait for the process to run its course.