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EMAIL CONVERSION nightmare stories...please share yours so people know the risks.


My conversion was a nightmare. Every mail moved over to google however now my Outlook 2016 client will not recognize the imap google server and my contacts are totally messed up. I am an ex 20 year employee of Telus and understand IT pretty well. Telus "help desk" said wait 24 hours and see if it works...and its been 3 days and it still doesn't work on Outlook.


Fair warning to others...this migration was not well planned or explained in terms of what was moving or not. Back up your old info.


--------> I would also HIGHLY suggest that if you have not used your telus online webmail contacts as your primary contacts; that before you go through this migration that you delete every single contact inside of the telus webmail and then upload (import) the contact list that you do use regularly into the telus webmail......or else your contacts will be as messed up as mine.


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There is already an ongoing discussion on this topic, which you also posted in. Best to keep everything together.

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