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Does the Nokia ONT that Telus uses for fibre support multi-gigabit internet?




I'm thinking of upgrading to Telus' 1.5 Gbps fibre because, well, why not, it's a minimal cost increase. I'm also an Optik TV customer so my current setup is an Asus AX86U WiFi 6 router connected to my T3200. Since the AX86U has a 2.5 Gbps WAN port, I was thinking that I should take advantage of that.


Right now it goes:


Fibre - Nokia ONT - T3200 - AX86U


My plan is:


Fibre - Nokia ONT - Multigig Switch - AX86U (2.5Gbps)/T3200


So, since the Nokia ONT has only one active port, in order to get it all to work I'd need to invest in a multigig switch like the new consumer QNAP QSW-1105-5T. Before I make that investment, I figured I should know that the Nokia ONT can for sure output more than 1Gbps. My instinct is to say that it must be able to because otherwise, why would Telus offer the service, right? A quick google search on the ONT model leads me to technical forums that are above my pay grade. Can anyone help me here? 


I’m not claiming to be 100% sure of this, but I believe the 1.5gbps service requires the SFP module. I think it won’t work with the Nokia ONT.

Interesting, that's one of the things I read about and vaguely understood. Do you happen to know if I were to upgrade, then, would Telus hook me up with that? 

Saw this pointed out in the fine print:


Concurrent data streams, including combinations of uploads and downloads, may be required to access maximum speeds. Maximum speeds may not be achievable using a single device.


Again, interesting. As in 'interesting that there is so much that I don't know about this' haha. Maybe it's best I spend the time and call/contact Telus.

There are threads on other forums from users that have gotten it single stream 1.5gbps working, but it requires some specific switch/router hardware that happens to work with the SFP module at 2.5gpbs.