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Can't access TrueNAS server from outside of the home network


I am running a TrueNAS server for testing stuff. I just switched to PureFibre Optik Internet and TV. I also have a Netgear Orbi connected to the Telus modem. Neither one is in bridge mode. I have all my smart home devices set up on the Orbi and don't really want to change that. How can I access the server from outside the network? I have a free domain name pointing to the modem, from there I port forwarded to the Orbi, then port forwarded to the server. It doesn't work. Can someone please help me out here.....


Community Power User
Community Power User

Do a search on the term ‘Blocked ports’ in the Neighbourhood, and you will find a number of discussions on the topic. Telus blocks a number of ports on residential accounts, preventing the operation of various servers. Unless you port forward higher ports, or use a service which initiates the packets from within your network, it is challenging to run a server on Telus residential internet.

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I just checked to see if port 80 was open and it is. I should be able to use that but I still can't access the server. I'm sure it's something I'm doing, but I have no idea what I am missing in this equation lol...

@Cancel357 How did you check that port 80 is open? AFAIK this is one of the blocked ports.

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Telus hasn't had 80 listed as blocked for a while but I think it is more for fibre accounts. I know 80 isn't blocked for me (fibre) but some on DSL have reported it seems to be blocked for them still.

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That explains it then. I'm still on DSL unfortunately.😒

I use this site: 


If you checked 80 and it's open then something is responding on that port.


It sounds like you have set up 2 port forwards. This should work as I have the same. I port forward from the Telus router to my Asus router and from my Asus router to my security camera server. I have a domain name pointing to my external IP address on an XXXX port number.


Can you explain again your port forwarding but include the actual ports used (in and out on both routers)?




I'd be investigating the use of a VPN server such a Wireguard, or OpenVPN etc... That way you have a secure tunnel to your FreeNas server from anywhere outside your network.