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5G Issues continue


I still can't solve the issue.  Last week I discovered that my 5G network on my PC had disappeared from the list of available networks.  However, on my ipad there was no problem - still connected to 5G.  I have tried to "talk" to someone, but apparently this is considered unacceptable in the tech world.  Since I did not change any settings on my PC I am very confused as to why this has happened.  Not being very tech savy makes it even more frustrating because all downloads are so slow on 4G and streaming is totally out of the question.  Anybody who has a suggestion please contact me.  I would really appreciate a suggestion(s)


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Community Power User

5G and 4G are cellular mobility terms. Are you talking about WiFi at your house? WiFi routers us a combination of 5GHz frequency radios and 2.4 GHz radios. On newer routers these are often combined into a single SSID, and the device manages which band to connect to, and may change them depending on distance to the router and other issues.

The speed difference between the two is generally not that noticeable, and streaming on 2.4 GHz is very possible.

Can you describe in greater detail what you are experiencing?

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I am referring to my WiFi. My PC used to automatically connect to the 5G. I do have 2.4G but it is much slower and that is what I am on now.  The 5G network is no longer displayed on the list of available networks and this is why I am so frustrated with this.  Why it disappeared on Thursday is beyond me.  I did not change the setting. I don't think that it is a Telus issue because when I use my ipad it connects with the 5G network.  I have Windows 10 on the PC .

and am wondering if an update caused this problem though I cannot see an update on this day.  All I know is that I want to get my 5G back on this device because this is the one I use most of the time

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Community Power User

The issue is most likely with your computer. There's always the rare occurrence of Windows Update pushing a new network driver and breaking something. Wouldn't be the first time that's happened.


Your PC may not be picking up a strong enough signal for it to bother with 5GHz wifi. You mentioned before that you're in a concrete condo. You also mentioned that you had "two modems" and three wireless networks available to connect to. I also responded to that one advising you to identify which network is associated with each gateway or extender you have in your condo. You never did respond to confirm what hardware you have. Depending on what you have the troubleshooting may be a little different.


Please tell us which networking devices Telus has installed in your condo. Also what type of computer do you have? Laptop? Desktop? What kind of network card does it have? Built-in? USB? PCI based? Other?

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If you can see the 5GHz SSID from other devices then the issue is likely on your PC.


It's possible that there was a WiFi driver update installed in the background. Have you rebooted your PC since you've had this issue?


Is your PC a laptop? If so try moving it right next to the router to test.


Hi Di444,

Is this issue resolved?