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Public payphone booths

I want to have a phone booth removed from my driveway. The booth is broken, no door, ugly, the phone itself is broken and the line is not even working. It blocks the vue trying to get out of our driveway. I have contacted Telus chat, they could not h...

SueH454 by Just Moved In
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Wrong Business Internet Invoices

I've encountered billing discrepancies with Telus, resulting in what seems to be overcharges for my account. The details reveal a pattern of being double charged for each billing cycle. Specifically, my invoice from December 7 was $94.50, with a due ...

Senthi by Just Moved In
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Telus Business eFax

Hello, We are a new business who has signed up for VoIP with Telus. The business plan comes with an eFax service that can be used through the Business Connect App. Our Fax # is the same as our Phone #.We are in a fax-heavy business and would like to ...

tnsp by Just Moved In
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Looking to have a Cell Tower put on my Property

I have 6 acre's in Abbotsford and wonder who do I talk to at telus about having them review my property to put in a cell tower. My property is off highway 1, and there are no cell tower close by. My cell reception is terrible

Repp by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Graffiti

Hello! Can the graffiti be removed from this box? It's located on Emerson Way by McCartney Creek Park. Thank you!

d5c33450-667c-48e8-85dd-223d59955e68.jpg 8ec90cf8-0ff3-49ef-8e11-a29a6e8022bd.jpg
T-T by Just Moved In
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Bring It Back Charge

This is infuriating.After two conversations, one with an agent and one with a manager, I was told by management that the reason I'm being charged $610 for a bring it back phone is because I returned the phone to the wrong department. To the trade-in ...

jvan27 by Just Moved In
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Switching SIM Cards

Switching from another carrier. Received three Telus SIM cards in the mail. Called Telus and they said they were activated and ready to go. We pit them in the phones and the phones stopped working. Not registered on network. Any advice? Is there a st...

Michaelor by Just Moved In
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Graffiti Removal - Telus Box

The TELUS box at Clarke Rd + West Saanich, in Brentwood Bay, has graffiti. It has been a frequent victim of graffiti over the years, would Telus be able to use a graphic wrap to deter ongoing tagging and resolve continuous need for graffiti removal?

BylawCS by Just Moved In
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