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Resolved! High Speed Internet · device registration

Hello, I have a small warehouse outside of Calgary. My brother-in-law offered to install a second router so that my employees could have internet in the break room. I purchased a switch and a second router. It worked great until I started bringing my...

Randy by Helpful Neighbour
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Resolved! Slow speed

I have been a long time Business client and I love TELUS, but at times I feel my internet should be running faster than it is. Besides performing a speed test, what else should I be checking for?

Randy by Helpful Neighbour
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Resolved! TELUS is my only option

Internet is critical for the function of my business. As far as I know, TELUS is the only provider in my area. What recommendations could you give to minimize my downtime and impact to my business?

Randy by Helpful Neighbour
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Resolved! Enable call forwarding.

Hi. I have a business in Vancouver. I use call forwarding to an after-hours answering service. My staff use a star code and manually enter the number I am forwarding at the end of each day. Is it possible to have my line forwarded to my after-hours s...

Randy by Helpful Neighbour
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Hey Guys, I wanted to introduce myself as ThomasC, the new Business Community Manager. I will be closely monitoring the business category of the TELUS Neighbourhood in order to ensure it's growth. Please feel free to post any questions you have about...

ThomasC by Organizer
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Resolved! Kies

Anyone know how to sync their phone with Kies? First time user

Resolved! BlackBerry link

Ok IL be straight forward, I have no idea how to use this new BlackBerry link software can someone explain some basics for me? I can not even seem to find my device

Resolved! Lost in iTunes

I was told to complete my network unlocking by doing a backup and restore but I want to sync it first. I also upgraded my iTunes since it was asking to and now I don't know where to find the sync, backup and restore anymore

Resolved! Icloud ?

What is ICloud, I've seen the term and heard a little about it but what is it exactly for and how does one go about using it. Is there a comparable service offered on android or BB ? Thanks !

Resolved! Lost my BB app world

I deleted my BlackBerry app world off my phone and it wont download it back Does anyone know if I can get it back through the desktop software and how?