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Can I be a supply for the USB

Am the Managing Director of Johnfal Ventures. I willLike to promote your USB device to Africa largestMarket. Will like to work with to introduce this deviceTo Nigeria, reason being there are lots of fake usbIn d market. We could introduce it as promo...

johnfal by Just Moved In
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The Internet is changing - telus needs to improve!

The ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM speed we can get as an SMB is 50/15. That's a paltry 15 mbps upstream. For a company that wants to participate in the modern Internet with services like offsite backups, video conferencing, VOIP, etc., this just doesn't make the ...

Don't see the Private Messenger Envelope Icon Don't see this - has anyone gotten in touch w/ me re: my previous post on the forum? The amount I'm enquiring about has gone through on my credit card. I don't want to have to take this in...

phone lines

Good Day..Our main phone "died" recently and we are replacing it. The set up is suck that the phone line comes in(2 seperate numbers on one line) comes into the phone with a line coming out going to our busniess interac phone. What specifics do I nee...

Hetty by Just Moved In
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How do I reduce my mobile data usage?

With so much fasinating content on the internet it can be hard to your phone down. No worries, we have a few tips to help keep your data usage low and your inbox full. Our friendly tech expert, Marc Saltzman, has put together ten tips to reduce your ...

What is a Smart Hub and how do I use it?

You want to work on the go but you're still a little unsure of your options. A Smart Hub is a great tool that enables you to take your internet connection with you without sacrificing speed and quality. This is a great option for sales staff on the r...

How do I get started using TELUS Link?

Hello to all of our friendly neighbours. I'm Sarah and I'm one of the many Neighbourhood specialists here to help answer your questions and provide information on common device and service related topics. I've seen a lot of questions pop up on the Ne...


How do I edit my profile on the GiveWhereWeLive Telus page? I noticed I have a typo and cannot login or edit! Please help

KatyK9 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Wow.....just wow.

Hi, you may be familiar with my case from the post below (entitled "bad customer service") So let me summarize the situation: Back in early june, I signed up for a business account online. I spoke with an a rep named Vic on the Telus chat feature and...

robbie25 by Organizer
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