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Billing system is broken broken broken

Just Moved In

Why is it so hard to pay my bill Telus? My card is expired and I'm trying to make a one-time payment to avoid disconnection. Your online billing server is down. For hours. Won't accept any credit card so it's not an issue on my end. When I call in, your reps are not empowered to take credit cards. The credit division is shut down for the long weekend. The phone automated secure credit card payment system is also down. When it is working, it only asks if I want to pay my full balance (yes) and for my credit card info. At no point does it ask for an account number?!! So I don't know if I am paying off my home bill or my business bill, which are separate accounts but both are linked to the same phone number. There is no help from virtual chat or live people. Takes forever to connect to a live person because the system keeps trying to message me links that explain how I can do it online. If I could do it online, I wouldn't be calling in, would I? Could you be less user friendly? Your AI is too broken to answer simple questions. You refer me to a community forum because you want your customers to do your reps' job for you, because your reps can't solve problems. You guys give me a headache and I'm the one trying to give you money.


Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

Hi @Canampsych  we hope you were able to make payments by now.  What you can try and do is clear your browser history and try to connect again.  If all fails you can always make payments using about Bank app and make payment through there.  You can enter the account specifics to which you want to make payments for and directly connect there.  For business accounts:

For residential service: