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Account created without my knowledge

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In August I got a call from a Telus rep wanting to sell me an updated 5G hub. I eventually agreed and the product was mailed to me. I activated it and began to use it. What I did not know was that this hub was set up under a different account than any other Telus services we have. I was also not told that I would have to cancel my old hub once this one was activated. The rep assured me the transition would be seamless and he would make sure of it. Fast forward 3 months and I get a call (plus a letter) that I have an overdue account. I spend 2 1/2 hours on the phone with various customer service reps and in the end I am assured I have only 2 accounts and they are both up to date. I call again the next day because something still isn't adding up, another 2 hours on the phone, this time the business side of Telus tells me that the new hub is under the business department and that they can not help me with anything regarding the 3 months that i was double billed. I beg to differ because they set up this new account under our business name and we did not receive any correspondence regarding this new billing, I did not know that we were being double billed. I thought our new hub was being billed under the same heading as the old one, if they had used the same billing I would have noticed it right away. Very poor customer service on the part of Telus. They will meet with very strong resistance if they ever attempt to sell me anything ever again. 

Anyone experience similar?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Nope. I've always kept the business accounts I manage separate from my personal accounts (including naming, address, etc) and always have found the business support stellar.


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