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We all love upgrading to the latest device. Canadians replace their handsets every two years on average. Surprisingly, only a small percentage of those phones are given a second life by being resold or handed down. So where do all our old phones go? Forty-four percent of old devices are sitting in a desk drawer collecting dust, according to the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association.


So why are you hanging on to your old device? Here are some reasons for keeping your old cellphone – busted!


  • It contains personal information and data. You can protect your privacy by completely wiping the data from your cellphone.
  • Just in case the Motorola Razr comes back into style (oh wait, it did!). Cell phones contain a sizable amount of precious materials that exist infinite quantities. Recycling your old phones is 40 to 50 times more efficient than mining new materials and it helps us preserve scarce natural resources.

Giving your old devices a second life will help us protect the environment, our health, and the health of future generations because old handsets contain toxic substances that can contaminate air, soil, and groundwater and must be dealt with responsibly. Help to divert waste we produce from landfills by:


  • Recycle and bring in your old device to a TELUS store. Use the manufacturer’s approved method to reset your device to factory settings before recycling it. Performing a security wipe is a secure way to delete your personal data, passwords, files, and emails. Remember, manually deleting your information may not be as thorough as resetting the device.
  • Helping our most vulnerable succeed. One other way to handle your no-longer-needed cellphone is to donate it to a good cause. Donate your old devices to the Mobility for Good program. If you have any questions about the Mobility for Good program, please contact us at [email protected].
  • Sell your device: The amount you can get for a phone varies widely by the model, age, and condition.
  • Give it to a loved one: If you no longer need your old mobile phone, it’s possible to give it to someone else. It makes a good 1st phone for your teenager!


We'd love to know, what do you do with your old devices? Share in the comments below.