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Prime Video on TELUS - August 2022




August is here, friends! There's nothing better than kicking back after a great summer day and checking out that new movie your coworkers keep talking about, or checking out the latest episodes of your favourite series. Prime Video is the place to be for both, and next month brings a slew of great new content to dig into!


As you may know, Prime Video is part of the Optik TV experience, and the Prime Video app is also on the Optik TV 4K media box as well. It's never been easier to sign up! There's always great new original content available, not to mention a ton of classic movies and shows to check out! Let's dive in!



Coming to Prime Video in August


  • August 5 - The Outlaws (Season 2)
    • The hilarious British heist comedy returns, starring Christopher Walken.
  • August 12 - A League of Their Own (Season 1)
    • Series based on the classic 1992 film about the All-American Girls' Baseball League during WWII.



Most Anticipated


The Outlaws (Season 2)


I'm so excited to see The Outlaws returning so quickly! Both of the first seasons were filmed back-to-back, and it's great to have this smash hit crime thriller comedy back on Prime Video! This series is co-created by those responsible for both Mayans MC and everyone's favourite series, The Office so you know you're in for both some fantastic action and also side-splitting comedy. The story of the first 6 episode season followed seven strangers from different walks of life, forced into community service together after their various crimes. During their work one day however, they stumble across a hidden bag full of more money than they've ever seen, unaware that its true owners were extremely dangerous.


The first season ended on something of a cliffhanger, and luckily it appears that this second season picks up right where the first left off. If you haven't seen the first, you first owe it to yourself to binge it immediately, it's that great. This second season looks to be more of the same, with a fantastic cast led by none other than the legend himself, Christopher Walken! Check it out!



Be sure to check it out when the new season of 6 hilarious episodes drop on August 5. Only on Prime Video!



Currently Watching


Paper Girls (Season 1)


All immediate comparisons to another series with teenagers set in a fantastical 1980's setting aside, I'm loving Paper Girls so far! Based on the hit indie comic book series of the same name, this story follows four 12-year-old newspaper delivery girls who stumble into a time anomaly, warping them over 30 years into the future! There, they meet their future selves and realize that they're in the center of a massive conflict between warring factions of time travelers. A conflict that will decide the fate of the universe itself.



So far I've only seen the first two episodes, but I'm definitely hooked. The story is definitely a unique take on the time travel trope, and the characters are engaging enough to make you really want to know what happens to them. It's hilarious when they meet their future selves, and there's just enough camp and sci-fi action to please fans of the genre. Be sure to check the first season out on Prime Video!



What are you currently hooked on? What are you waiting to see next? Let me know in the comments below!



Disclaimer: For all shows/movies, please refer to the Maturity Ratings associated with each programming prior to consumption. See for details. Amazon, Prime Video and all related logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.