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May 11, 2023 Update: Starting May 15, 2023 Netflix will begin enforcing their account sharing restrictions on friends and family of account holders who pay for their Netflix through TELUS (Optik TV or Stream+).

On February 8, 2023 Netflix announced an update on account sharing that impacts TELUS customers who share their account with family and friends outside of their household.


A Netflix account is intended for one household – people who live in the same primary location with the account owner. The primary location is the main place where you watch Netflix, and is associated with your home Wi-Fi network and the devices connected to it. Devices that are not part of your primary location may be blocked from watching Netflix and may need to create their own account to continue accessing the service.


TELUS offers great options for getting your own Netflix account. New customers, visit to see how you can bundle live TV and Netflix in one Optik TV package or to get Netflix, Apple TV and Discovery  + in one. If you already have Optik TV, log in to your My TELUS account to see how you can add Netflix to your existing TV package. 




  1. How do I set my primary device or location? For information on how to set or update your primary device/location, please visit If customers don’t set a primary device/location, Netflix will do this automatically; this can be updated by customers at any time.
  2. I am an Optik TV customer with Netflix in my TV Combo with others outside of my household on my account, what should I do? Ensure you set up your primary location. Notify the non-household family and friends on your account they will need to set up their own Netflix account before May 15 and can check out options with TELUS at or
  3. What happens if I want to watch Netflix while I travel? Netflix is easy to use when traveling - you can watch on your mobile devices or sign into a new TV, like at a hotel or holiday rental. Please visit for more information on how to travel with Netflix.
  4. I currently use a Netflix account with a primary location outside of my household, how can I set up my own Netflix account? If you are an Optik TV customer you can add Netflix directly to your packaging. Log in to your My TELUS account to see your options. If you are not currently a TELUS TV customer, visit to learn more about how you can bundle Netflix with Optik or Stream+ to enjoy maximum value and savings.
  5. What if I do not share my Netflix account with anyone outside of my household? Continue watching your favourite Netflix content.
  6. What is an Extra Member? An account owner may have the ability to buy an extra member slot and invite people outside their household to use Netflix. An extra member will have their own account and password, but their membership will be paid for by the person who invited them to join.
  7. Can I add an extra member to my account if I’m being billed by TELUS?  Unfortunately, customers billed through TELUS will not have this option available

To view more information about the Netflix update, check out Netflix’s update.

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