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emailed received from Telus

Just Moved In

I received an email from Telus on Thursday (April 27 2023). 

The email title is: Important information about upcoming changes to your account

The email says: 

              We’d like to keep you informed of upcoming changes to your mobility account, affecting the following phone numbers on your account (shows the last 4 digit of my cell phone number).

            As mentioned on your April bill, the charge for the data block feature on your account will be increasing by $2/month. This change will be reflected on your May bill. 


What this means is that my data block will go from 3.00 dollars a month to 5.00 dollars a month just for mine. 

The email says they mentioned this increase on my April bill (never saw this and I looked at my text I receive every month when my bill is ready and there is nothing about this increase). So this is why I find this very odd to receive this email so soon before the changes are supposed to take place without a real notice from them about it. Not even an email or a text was sent to me. I tried contacting them, but I have not succeded yet. 


Anyone else received emails similar to this lately?




Your April bill will be the bill you receive in May.  It doesn't hurt to hover over the sender for the e-mail to make sure the e-mail comes from an e-mail address that belongs to Telus.  There is way too many scams out there.  

Community Power User
Community Power User

"and I looked at my text I receive every month when my bill is ready and there is nothing about this increase"

The Text you receive is NOT your bill, it is just a notification. You need to login to your account to view or download your detailed bill, which contains any information about changes to your account, and the long distance calls you have made, etc.



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Just Moved In
I looked at my bill and there is nothing about any increase anywhere. That is what makes me a little uneasy. I don't get any notifications about anything with my bill. I even went online to find out if Telus is in fact increasing their rates in May 2023 and there is nothing about that anywhere. All I see are posts from a few years ago. You would think there would be something about this in their newsfeed, but nothing.