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Happy Halloween!



It's the scariest, most haunted time of the year! Halloween has arrived, and as we don our costumes and make room for the cascade of bite-sized candy headed our way...there's always one thing I look forward to the most. Scary movies! I've always been a horror movie fanatic, from the classic 1978 masterpiece "Halloween" to newer classics like "It Follows" and A24's stellar "Talk To Me" (seriously...check both of those out asap). I love it all.


Even better, did you know that Optik TV On Demand has its very own Halloween themed section called "Trick or Treat"? Well, it does and let me tell's awesome. From classic slasher flicks to modern horror masterpieces, there's something for everyone. There's even more family friendly choices for those with little ones, so no worries there. You can even check out some Halloween themed scenes for free...perfect for leaving on in the background during that fantastic party you're hosting.


In celebration of this great time of year, allow me to recommend a few movies for you to check out both with the kids, and once they've gone to sleep and you're (gasp!) left all alone in the dark of night. If you're not already dozing off after that 33rd mini Snickers bar. We've all been there. No regrets.



Thrills and Chills


Where to begin? Our On Demand 'Trick or Treat' section has a ton of great horror movies to choose from. From classics like The Shining, Se7en, The Craft, and The Blair Witch Project to newer classics like Halloween Ends or the stellar The Black Phone, there's something for all tastes. Whether you're looking for pure horror or something with a funny twist (Beetlejuice, anyone?) we've got you covered. Here's a few I recommend:


The Black Phone - Someone is kidnapping the neighbourhood's children, and the latest victim must fight back to survive. Highly recommended!

Us - Jordan Peele's smash hit about a family stalked by their terrifying dopplegangers.

Halloween Trilogy (2018) - Michael Myers returns decades later to find Laurie Strode waiting. The entire new Blumhouse cult classic trilogy is ready for you to dive in. My all-time favourite horror series!



Family Frights


Looking for something with that Halloween touch without giving the kids nightmares for weeks? We've got your back. Here are some great family oriented Halloween movies that you're sure to love as well!


The Nightmare Before Christmas - Tim Burton's magical stop-motion classic about Jack, The Pumpkin King!

The Addams Family - A Halloween classic; the tale of the supernatural Addams Family and their adventures!

Monsters, Inc. - PIXAR's all-time classic about monsters that scare kids for work. Hilarious and scary!


There's all this and more! You can rent or even purchase brand new movies (even in 4K HDR!) to own. So kick back, bust out some of that awesome candy your kids scored (other than candy corn because, well...come on) and have a Happy Halloween!