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Tricked by telemarketers

Just Moved In
I was called by telemarketer

The told me there was a trial for a security camera

I told them I had a security system and didn't need it

They kept pushing

I said I'd try it but it's a waste of time because I don't need it

They said I could cancel after trial if I didn't want it

After it was installed I found out that it does not even have a playback system

It's only live viewing

No it's completely useless to me!!

So I have ne er logging in or used it

I'm sure they will be able to see 0 activity on my account

I call 3 times over the last years and they say it will be escalated and I'll be contacted

I've asked for the audio recording of the phone call but nothing yet

Do I contact the consumer protection agency of something

Any suggestions?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. That's definitely not the experience we want our customers to have. Have you had the chance to speak with our SmartHome team directly about this?