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Just Moved In

Since ADT has joined Telus i can never get in touch with any live person to talk to.  This can't be a normal way to run a security system and having a monitoring station run by an automated system that can't even have a live person intervene.  Contacting the support center seems they only have 1 person answering calls because no way in the world can this be a normal thing, 1 hour wait time on a weekend?  My security sensor in fact 1 of them keeps disconnecting and reconnecting almost randomly every 2 hours and has never done this before.  For some reason the sensor seems to be being jammed, which begs the question why just now and I've had this security system install over 5 years ago.  Trying to get through to get a replacement or anything I don't have the luxury to wait an hour for a phone call. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

@Garydp I've sent a private message your way to collect some info. Please keep an eye out for it 🙂

Just Moved In

Hello I have spent a couple of hours on hold today trying in vain to speak with someone about adding a product to our home security system. @dru are you able to help? Thank you.