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Telus taking over Vivint Canada

Just Moved In
Hi I am a customer of Vivint Canada and have contacted Telus regarding my alarm system, and the switch over. My contract is up in July and I wanna make sure that I cancel it ahead of time so I’m not charged any fees or anything for the period beyond my contract. I know Vivint is run from Calgary in Canada however the company is still running in the states so I’m afraid if I cancel even a month before my contract ends, I will be charged. I had spoke to a client representative at Telus on May 29 requesting replacements for my CO detector and my water sensor. They said that they’d send one out and 3 to 5 business days and I have not received them. I will probably be charge for the postage on my next bill regardless, even though I did not get these items, I don’t wanna call back because they’re not really helpful in helping me through the process of cancelling my alarm and possibly going with Telus, but now I’m unsure because I haven’t even received any of the items they said they’d send me what do I do? Who do I go to when my contract ends and who will help me set up for a new alarm system and actually do it I’m not getting anything from client services in Telus

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Amazur2000 - I will send you a message to try to help you


- Eric