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Telus smart home, add 2nd mobile device...

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Telus smart home with a video doorbell. Main smart home user account has an Android phone with the smart home app installed and push notifications working when someone presses the doorbell.

I have a 2nd smart home user account set up on an iPhone, smart home app installed. The 2nd user can do a live call to the video doorbell, but when someone presses the doorbell the iPhone does not receive a push notification. How do I configure push notifications on the iPhone?

Community Power User
Community Power User

It was easier on older iOS devices. It appears that now you have to set up the notifications in the settings of the phone itself, plus set them up in the Telus Home App installed on your phone. I've been finding my way through this at random intervals with my new phone, and haven't quite got it sorted yet.


EDIT: I got it working today. As described earlier, you have to set up your iPhone (Settings > Notifications > Telus Smart Home > Smart Home Notification Settings)  to provide notifications for the App, then within the Telus security app, tell it to deliver notifications to your phone.


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Thanks NFtoBC, I'll give that a try and report back here.